How to Play PUBG Without a VPN

PUBG is a battle royale game that has taken the world by storm. Here’s how you can play it without a VPN.

How to Play PUBG Without a VPNCheckout this video:


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game pits 100 players against each other in a last-man-standing deathmatch.

The game has become extremely popular since its release in 2017, with over 400 million players worldwide as of 2020. Due to its popularity, the game is often banned by countries and ISPs (internet service providers).

However, there is a way to play PUBG without a VPN (virtual private network). This method requires you to use a proxy server, which will route your traffic through another country where the game is not banned.

There are many proxy servers available online, but not all of them will work for PUBG. We’ve found that the best proxies for PUBG are those that are located in countries where the game is not banned, such as Canada and the United States. These proxies will provide you with a fast and stable connection so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Follow the steps below to learn how to play PUBG without a VPN:

1. Find a proxy server that is located in a country where PUBG is not banned. We recommend using a proxy server located in Canada or the United States.
2. Configure your browser or software to use the proxy server. This will route your traffic through the proxy server and hide your IP address from PUBG servers.
3. Once you’ve configured your browser or software to use the proxy server, connect to the internet and launch PUBG. You should now be able to play the game without any issues.

What is PUBG?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter. Players are dropped into a remote island and must fight to be the last one standing. The game is played from a third-person perspective and features large open maps. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is not only one of the most popular games on Steam, but also one of the most popular games on Twitch.

How to Play PUBG Without a VPN

PUBG is a battle royale game that has taken the world by storm. The problem is that the game is only available in China and not in any other country. If you want to play the game, you need to use a VPN. However, there is a way to play the game without a VPN. In this article, we will show you how to play PUBG without a VPN.

Step One: Choose Your Server

Now that you’ve installed PUBG, you need to select your server. Depending on where you live, you should connect to either the North American or European server. If you live in Europe, you can also connect to the Asia server, but your ping will be higher.

Step Two: Configure Your Settings
Once you’ve selected your server, it’s time to start configuring your settings. The first thing you need to do is open up the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the main screen.

In the “Settings” menu, there are a lot of options that you can tweak, but we’re only going to concern ourselves with a few of them. First, under the “Graphics” tab, set your “Render Scale” to “100%” and make sure that “Post-Processing” is set to “Low”. These two settings will ensure that PUBG doesn’t look too blurry and that it runs smoothly on your computer.

Next, under the “Game” tab, set your “Game Mode” to either “Balanced” or “Power Saving”. These two modes will help reduce the amount of strain that PUBG puts on your computer, which is important when you want to play without a VPN.

Finally, under the “Sound” tab, make sure that both the “Master Volume” and “Music Volume” are turned all the way down. This will help reduce any lag that might be caused by sound effects or music streaming through your computer while you play.

Step Three: Play PUBG!
Now that you have PUBG configured properly, it’s time to start playing! When you launch the game, you should see a screen similar to this one:

Step Two: Connect to Your Server

Now that you have a server set up, it’s time to connect to it. This is where a VPN comes in handy. A VPN will encrypt your traffic and route it through a server in another location. This makes it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from that location, which is helpful if you want to appear as if you’re located in another country.

To connect to your server, you’ll need to download and install a VPN client. We recommend using the OpenVPN client, which is available for all major operating systems. Once you’ve installed the client, open it and click the “Add Profile” button.

In the “Name” field, enter a name for your profile. Then, in the “Gateway” field, enter the IP address or domain name of your server. Finally, check the “Save Password” box and click the “OK” button.

Now that your profile is set up, click the “Connect” button and you should be connected to your server. If everything went well, you should see a green icon next to your profile in the OpenVPN client.

Step Three: Play PUBG

Now that you’ve found a PUBG match, it’s time to start playing! Remember to use all the strategies you’ve learned in order to survive and be the last man standing.

If you want to practice before playing with others, you can also play PUBG in offline mode. In offline mode, you’ll be able to play against bots instead of real players. This is a great way to get some practice in before playing against tougher competition.


In conclusion, playing PUBG without a VPN is possible, but it is not recommended. A VPN will give you a better connection and gaming experience overall. If you absolutely must play without a VPN, make sure to select a server that is close to your actual location. This will help minimize latency and lag.